Friday, July 31, 2009

Yes, Jewels for our Princess!!!

Yes! I don't know whether Izzy or I was the more excited person this afternoon when opening the mail and seeing a whole envelope full of BEAUTIFUL bracelets for Izzy!!! I was giddy and she was in heaven! Izzy's pretty well known for showing her bracelets that she wears 24/7 to everyone she meets, but for the last few weeks, she has been jewelry-less since she wore all of her bracelets out! We are so happy to have our stock replensished--and it's quite full now! Some of them have cute little charms, and one of them says IZZY. I love having a girly girl. Will post some more pics of her wearing the bracelets in coordinating outfits ;). She is sleeping right now (and of course, wearing one of her new treasures). My friend, Lynne Peterson, from Hershey made Izzy her first baby bracelet given at my baby shower and has subsequently made her more bracelets as she has grown. (Lynne has a side jewelry business, so if you want her contact info, let me know.) Thank you soooo much, Lynne!

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