Thursday, July 2, 2009

Catching up!

I'm trying to start blogging... I love reading all my friends' and friends of friends' blogs, so maybe somebody will read mine and not be toooo bored. ;)

We're already into July. Has anyone else felt like this year is flying on by? We will be having a baby NEXT month?!? Speaking of baby, I am 33 weeks along with baby #2. We are getting really excited to finally know if we are going to have another daughter or a first son. Everything's been different with this pregnancy--had sickness but much less than with Izzy, carry out front and not so wide, baby doesn't kick as incessantly but hurts more when he/she does move and kick, more energy for the most part, etc. I have finally hit the start of uncomfortability. The doc said that my hips would be looser with a second baby, and they ache each day now, but it's nothing to reallllllllly complain about. Seeing Izzy with the baby here at the house day in and day out is really intriguing me. At least she has baby Henry to see me holding at church or his home, and she seems to be pretty interested in him... at times.

Izzy and I have been going to one of our two neighborhood pools a couple days per week. She still takes two naps, so after the morning nap, we pack a lunch and head to the pool. The first week was not very fun with all her screaming, but now I can't believe that she walks all around, plays like crazy with her toys, and even put her head in the water today and laughed when I took her out in the deep end. I let go of her for a few seconds since she wears "floaties," and she was okay. She still hasn't figured out to keep her mouth shut so she doesn't choke on the water while floating. ;)

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