Sunday, July 12, 2009

No Transition?!

Just waking up from her first nap in her bed!
All smiles after waking up!
Giving Raggedy Ann a kiss :)
Well, we were definitely wondering how difficult the crib to twin bed transition would be... most people kinda made me nervous about it! HOWEVER, there was no transition! Izzy saw the two of us painting the walls of her room, Justin painting her bed, and me putting her new bedding on the mattress over the course of a couple weeks. She and I moved her clothes into the drawers underneath the bed and the closet. I bought one rail from a consignment store, and the Willinghams gave us another rail... the bed just wouldn't look good up against the wall with the way the room is laid out. The walls aren't decorated, and we don't have any extra pieces of furniture in the room yet, but we wanted to get her used to the bed before the baby is here in August. I want to take my time with the room decorations and not rush to just put something up. There is a trunk that sits at the foot of the bed so that Izzy can use it as a step to get into the bed herself, and I'm going to paint and decoupage it this week to match the lavender/green/white colors of the room. All that said, Izzy took her naps and slept in the bed overnight with no problems, and she fell asleep the first night faster than when in the crib!


  1. I am so happy that Izzy is doing well in her new room...its almost like they do not know they can get out least Mason didnt for awhile....I am excited that Carissa will be ready soon too, we have the bed I just wasn't sure yet:)