Monday, October 11, 2010

Fire Trucks!

Two Saturdays ago, Justin had to work downtown, so I thought I'd run over to Target (Wesley Chapel) real quickly to buy some new, bigger socks for Izzy. Of course, I ended up getting her a few more things that maxed my [small] clothing budget for the month. ;) All that said, I never take Clara out in her pajamas, but I thought it was just a quick little errand. It turns out that I saw one of my MOPS friends and her family, and then there was a carnival in the Target parking lot! Clara was nice and comfy. ;)

The Wesley Chapel fire trucks were there, and Izzy was loving them. At first, she just wanted to look, but by the end, she was all over the insides of each truck.

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  1. Such great shots of the girls on the firetruck. You can tell they were having fun!