Monday, October 11, 2010

Camping Round #2

We went on a family camping trip for two nights this past week to Stone Mountain State Park, NC, which is just under two hours from home. We had two camp sites, and Izzy was quite independent pushing her baby stroller back and forth between the sites. Our site was very flat, so Clara was able to walk all over without falling as much as our previous camping trip.

Here's a picture of our lunch picnic by the creek:

Izzy LOVED her time with Uncle Jordy and Kate! I think she took up most of their time. A couple times she had to stay with US, so that they could take hikes on their own, and she was sooo sad to not go on a special walk with them. ;) Kinda hard to explain that to a 2 yr old.

We ate very well! Some meals we ate at our site with the whole fam, and some meals we walked over to their site to eat together. We had fire grilled steaks one night--delish! Here's a pic of all of us nice and relaxed in front of the warm fire.
We enjoyed this trip a lot, cause the days were comfortable, and the nights had just enough chill in the 40s. The girls both slept well, for the most part. One morning, Clara woke up 15 minutes earlier than normal, cause she rolled out of her sleeping bag, off the mattress, and was stuck between the tent and mattress. I had been sleeping with my hood on, and she FREAKED out when I picked her up. It was pretty funny! The next night, Izzy snuggled down in her sleeping bag so far that she ended up getting stuck and turned around. I had to pull her out of the bottom of the bag twice! At least that happened on two of my many nighttime bathroom breaks. ;) Izzy enjoyed her smore, throwing rocks into the fire, pushing her stroller around the camp, and washing dishes with Grammy and Poppy. Clara was a snuggle bug, but she also had fun walking around, playing with her little camp chair, and becoming a grubby little pig. We may not get to go again this Fall, but hopefully I will feel up to going again in the Spring (if I'm not too big).
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