Monday, September 27, 2010


So we have had a lot of camping gear since opening our wedding presents, but it seemed that I was always really pregnant or having a newborn when we could have camped. We drove about 1.5 hours to Lake Norman State Park, and both Izzy and Clara loved our adventure! The Fawcett family camped near us, too, and came over for smores Friday evening. Izzy and Maggie Fawcett went back and forth between campsites every 10 minutes it seemed. They were soooooooo happy in the outdoors! We brought our two dogs, which was fun. Paris was a little scared not having the safety of her fence, but Hank was happy as could be running around our site. Oh, Clara started walking Friday! She had been taking steps for a week or so, but on Friday she decided she was going to be walking, falling, getting back up, walking, falling, getting back up! I was so shocked when I was switching laundry loads over before leaving for camping, and Clara walked right into the laundry room!

Izzy learning how to throw logs on the fire:

Izzy asked for a picture to be taken since we all had our legs crossed. ;)

Justin cooked ALL the meals! I did a little prep, but he was our main chef. We had grilled hotdogs, sauteed potatoes and sweet onions, and baked beans once camp was set up. For breakfast, he made pancakes, chicken and apple sausage, and scrambled eggs! We did not go hungry.

We are luxurious campers with our comfy air mattresses! The only things we had to buy for this trip were the sleeping bags, mattresses, a handful of utensils, and food! I couldn't believe how many supplies I had stored in our camping bins over the past few years.
We are going camping in two weekends with Justin's family, but it will be cold up in Stone Mountain, NC! Izzy can't wait!!!
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