Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our first hospital adventure!

Izzy has had diarrhea twice a day since early in the year after taking several rounds of antibiotics for ear infections. After undergoing a few blood and stool tests that came back negative except for anemia, our pediatric GI doc decided to put Izzy under anesthesia for an endoscopy and flexible sigmoidoscopy (through both ends of the body). We are thankful to report that nothing "big" is wrong. She took samples of fluid from the pancreas and some more stool sample today to be sent off for more testing for fats and lactose, and we'll get the results next week. We are going to start Izzy on probiotics, and may give her an antibiotic for bad bacteria. Based on the test results, we'll find out if we need to keep giving the Lactaid pills and what to give her for the anemia. All in all, today ruled out a lot, but we don't have any for sure answers yet. I'm thankful to have healthy children after having been in the Children's Hospital this morning.

Izzy asked for Poppy and Grammy to come to the hospital, too, and she even asked that Poppy pray for her before the procedures. Isn't that so sweet?
Finally a little nervous in the surgical room, but Daddy got to hold her until she was sound asleep under anesthesia. She cried when they put the mask on her, but otherwise she was quite the trooper! We had prepped her for several days, and she knew exactly all the steps of what was going to happen. Everyone assured us that she wouldn't remember any of the crying, but when we were driving home, she asked us about the strawberry smelling mask and told us how she cried next to Daddy. I was pretty surprised!

The nurses said she'd take 20-60 mins to wake up, but she was awake in about 3 minutes! Izzy was very fidgety and trying to get the oxygen tube and IV out as soon as she started to wake. She only wanted Daddy and Poppy, but I thought that was very cute. We're at home now. She only napped for 1.5 hours and is SUPER HYPER!
Thank you SO MUCH for praying. I wasn't really nervous at all like I had been feeling last week!

Jane Willingham kept our Clarabelle all morning for us. Our sweet friend, Jessica, and one of her sons, Abe, picked out a bunch of perfect little gifts and balloons for Izzy. We woke up from our naps this afternoon (yes, I took one!), and there they were on our front step! A stuffed kitty, sunglasses, sillybandz, Helloy Kitty balloon, and Smarties... couldn't have been better! Thanks, Jessica. :) Oh, and our other friend, Julie Dav, is bringing us dinner right now. So great to be cared for by so many!!!

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  1. Hello friends. I just now heard about Izzie. So glad the procedure is over and they did not find anything major . Praise God. She seems like a brave little girl. If you evewr need me for anything , please let me know. All our love to you all. We will be praying for Iz.

  2. I'm so glad to hear that nothing "major" is wrong. Hopefully they will be able to find out exactly what it wrong and Izzy can get back to normal.:o)