Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How can one year go by so quickly?

We had a cake and ice cream themed party for Clara on her first birthday, August 13th. Everyone got to dig into the "Make Your Own Sundae" buffet, and there were different types of cupcakes. I made little cake pops that looked like mini cupcakes on lollipop sticks, and I made cupcakes baked in ice cream cones with frosting swirled on top to look like soft serve cones. I have a bunch of pictures and descriptions at this link: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=198357&id=646256571&l=150da37281. My dad asked my family how I had time to do this party, and someone said that it's cause I'm a stay at home mom. Bah! I replied that I took a break from my regular job (aka. being a stay at home mom) to do this. I caught up on my ironing last night, and am catching up on all my laundry this week in between reading The Very Quiet Cricket with my girls. ;)

We have been so blessed by Clara Elizabeth. I'm not sure how to put it all to words. My heart feels like it is too big for my chest when I think about my daughters. They truly are God's good gifts, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being their momma through all the good, bad, happy, and sad.
I remember the day I finally went into labor. I had only had 3 hours of contractions that I could actually feel during my whole second pregnancy, but eventually they wore off. One week later, I woke up at 5am with the start of contractions. They weren't too bad, but were getting closer as the morning went on. I did some chores, did my normal breakfast routine, showered, and eventually decided with Justin to call his mom to come get Izzy. Late morning, the contractions quickened and heightened in intensity enough for me to be ready to get to the hospital. The funniest part is that the contraction would come, I'd stop and breathe through it, and then I could go on with normal life. When we got to the hospital, everyone looked at me like I was nuts saying I was there for labor. The nurses even went slowly before checking me. Once they saw that I was 6 cm, they were shocked and started hurrying along. It was so funny, cause Justin and I knew from our first experience, that these contractions were the real deal. It didn't take long for Clara to be welcomed into this world. I looked at Justin with shock and complete joy when Dr. Hollier exclaimed, "It's a girl!" A lot of people thought I was having a boy since my second pregnancy was completely different from the first, but I didn't get my heart set on either girl or boy. I was sooo excited to name her Clara Elizabeth. My sister, Tess, suggested the name very early in the pregnancy, and Clara was the name of my dad's aunt. Elizabeth is my middle name, and the middle name of my Grandma Moyer. When I held Clara, it was so different from holding Izzy. The first word out of my mouth when Izzy was in my hands was "SCARY!" :) With Clara, I felt the CRAZIEST, most intense L O V E. It was amazing. The first birth was exciting, the second birth was so enjoyable.

Clara has been the very easiest baby I could imagine. We have been spoiled. Izzy is just as in love with "Clalabelle" as we are. She wants Clara to do EVERYTHING with her, well except maybe sharing toys at times. ;) Clara loved to be in my arms when we have been in stores, but now she would much rather fight me to be crawling on the dirty floor. She almost always gives strangers a huge, dimple studded smile. Her wave is just like a beauty queen's. Clara doesn't get scared of too many things, but she will scream if you are a plumber, a doctor, or a lawn mower. We love how she copies us, and she knows which games she plays with Daddy as soon as he's home from work. My heart melts at supper when she puts her hands out to hold our hands for prayer without us telling her to do so. I smile each time she hears "Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes" and starts to try the motions. At dinner, Izzy sings "Where is Thumbkin?" and Clara has her pointer fingers wiggling away. I'm thankful that Clara didn't want baby food; it was much easier for me! I love hearing Clara giggling in her crib when Izzy climbs into play. I love seeing her crying her eyes out and reaching out for her momma. Although she used to be snuggly, she isn't that way too much anymore. I cherish the few times when I get sweet Clara snuggles. I'm thankful that she wants to nurse longer than Izzy did, and I eat up that snuggle time throughout the day. Clara has some stubbornness and independence, but she loves to tag along with Izzy, too. She's quite laidback, but she has an intense temper! Clara doesn't like receiving too many Izzy kisses. ;) I love how she knows not to do something, like go down the stairs, and she really sticks to obeying! Other times, she knows not to touch an outlet, slowly tries to get away with it, gets caught, and starts to cry huge alligator tears. When Clara picks up a hairbrush, she tries to do her own hair. Or she tries to copy Izzy with lipgloss, and sucks on the tubes in her attempt to put it on her lips. How thaknful I am for you to have an older sibling. It's sooo much fun. There are so many little details that make Clara who she is, and I love all of them! I'm enjoying watching her grow and develop, and I hope that she never remembers a time when she didn't love Christ. God has entrusted us with raising sweet Clara Elizabeth, and we love being on this journey of parenthood together. I can't imagine life without Clara in our family.

Someday, we pray Clara will be a godly woman as described in Proverbs 31, which is the end goal of parenthood, but...

Don't grow up so quickly, please!

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