Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I am Irish, Scotch-Irish, German Reformed, and probably some others I don't know of at the moment. What better than to celebrate St. Patrick's Day?! Patrick, one of the patron saints of Ireland, was enslaved in Ireland, possibly in Mayo, which is where my mom's family members live/d. She and my grandma visited Mayo when I was young. Did you know that Irish folklore says that Patrick returned to Ireland as a bishop and taught about the Trinity by use of the shamrock?
Justin was festive in his "GEEEEN" for our LightRail ride uptown to see Charlotte's St. Patrick's Day Parade (while the three of us girls could be found in pink and red).
In line for tickets:
The choochoo was so exciting for Izzy (and for me!):
Love my girls:
A very entertaining parade with floats, clowns, dancers, bagpipes, and lots of dogs!

The parking garage behind Justin is where he parks
for his Bank of America jobs downtown:
Notice that there are not many pictures of Izzy? She is in the stage of not wanting pictures taken or not smiling, which just doesn't make a very good picture. So for now, Clara can have the limelight:
My very sweet Clarabelle:

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