Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sticky fun

The Mittens took a getaway weekend trip to the NC Mountains and brought back 2.5 pecks of apples for me to use for applesauce. What a funny feeling to remember making applesauce with MY MOM... and now I'M the MOM!

Izzy often wants to help me with tasks but ends up creating more work for me. This time, she was SO HELPFUL! After I cored/cut each apple, she put each piece into the pots. I was so surprised how helpful she was!!!
An apple being cored and cut, apples waiting to be cut, and my huge canning pot full of cut apples.
I mixed the Virginia Beauty and Stayman Winesap.

My three largest pots... and that one on the right is for canning, so it's huge.

The Foley Food Mill my mom used all the years I was a kid. A couple years ago she got another one and gave me this one. Unfortunately, I think it may need to be retired after today's work.
Proof that Clara was in on the action.
I'll post a pic soon of the bags of sauce. I didn't have freezer bags, but Justin picked some up after work for me. :) Bagging the sauce is on Wednesday's "to-do list." For now, some very large bowls of applesauce are taking up my entire refrigerator!

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