Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday of Labor Day Wknd

I LOVE weekends with my hubby and the girls! This morning we broke our #1 weekend rule: No Walmart on Saturdays. I picked up some Fall Mums to plant, and we needed a few items for our cookout on Monday (I'm sure there will be pics to come). Justin and Izzy did the grocery shopping, and Clara and I did the flower shopping. It's much more efficient to put Justin to complete the food shopping, cause I'll stand there and compare every stinkin' price and size and brand, and then I'll see something we "need" and add that to the ever growing shopping list. I'm sure we could have had a hilarious picture of Clara in my front carrying pouch with me trying to lift the 2 cu. yd bag full of potting soil onto the bottom rack of the shopping cart. ;)

I rototilled our garden plot at lunchtime--it just has a few tomatoes, different peppers, and some herbs left. The rest of the garden is now planted with SPINACH, cause that is the ONLY cool weather vegetable that Justin eats. :) We'll have plenty of spinach for Justin's salads--spinach, croutons, craisins, slices of egg, bacon, and some fruity or tangy dressing. Actually, part of the garden is yet to be planted cause my tiller broke down before I finished. BUT... that's okay, cause Hank successfully stole my packets of spinach seeds and shared eating them with Paris. Just glad we salvaged enough of the packets to get SOME spinach planted!!!

When I was in the hospital, most of my flower planters croaked, so I planted the mums this afternoon, too. We needed a little color on the back patio, since I haven't yet put in flower beds in the back. It takes time filling up a bed, and I've concentrated on the front for now. A big thanks to my mom--she sent me a box of plants this week that she divided from her beds. My front bed is in the fire-y color scheme of red, orange, yellow, and white. I'm excited to see those plants come up next summer.

This evening, we packed up our awesome double stroller and headed into Matthews for the Matthews Alive festival. Justin and I have been going every Labor Day Weekend since we've been married. We love us some festival/fair food! I had a gyro and fried mushrooms cause they're SOOO healthy!!! ;) Justin and Izzy enjoyed their food on a stick--corn dogs and turkey legs! We finished our low cal dinner with a chocolate funnel cake. Yum! We ran into two families that we love while at the festival--the Mittens and the Surratts. The Mittens just moved here, and they're friends from my college days. The Surratts are friends from church. Izzy loved played with Crosby & Abram Surratt while munching on the corn dog. I didn't get to look at many of the craft vendors this year, but I did see some wooden earrings that I need to get my dad to make for me with all his spare time. ;)

Patrick, Abe, & Justin
Jessica and me
Naphtali and me

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