Monday, September 21, 2009

I got a bit behind!

Pictures and statements from the past week or so:

1. Aunt Colleen sent some adorable outfits for the girls last week. Izzy looked so grown up in her brown leggings. She finally got to wear her lion and leopard print bow that Angie made--I bought it almost a year ago, but there was never a good outfit for it. :)

2. I went to a consignment sale on Thursday morning with Clara, and I found this portable swing for just $5!!! Clara is opposite seasons from Izzy, so I have been very thankful for all the people who have been generous in giving Clara outfits for gifts. I stocked up on fall/winter clothes for her. Izzy JUST got to the point where she needs 2T shirts, onesies, and dresses, but 18 mo bottoms are necessary cause the 2T bottoms are too big in the waist. I found a few things for Iz, but I'm going to a sale this Saturday in Indian Trail to hopefully find her a few more good deals.
3. After the consignment sale, I went to pick Izzy up from her Grammy's house, but we ended up staying the whole afternoon and even for dinner (Daddy joined us there, too)! Aunt Jennifer was at Grammy's and got to have some snuggle time with Clara while Izzy took her afternoon nap.
4. Izzy's sweet actions are growing in number, and they are seriously SO PRECIOUS. Before each of Izzy's naps, she wants Clara to lay in her bed with her for a minute. Then she says "Ca Ma," which means, Clara needs to go with Momma.
4.5 Clara's still in her pj's in this pic, cause I had some tired days earlier in the week from being up at night. Clara fussed some days during the day and took a couple hours to get back to sleep during the night, and Izzy was sick with a head cold/congestion/cough. A couple days I just took care of their needs, napped with them, and got nothing else done. On Wednesday, I was able to get a lot of chores done, which felt sooooo good! Thankfully, Clara's couple days of fussing are over, and she's back to normal! I am satisified with taking everything one day at a time, cause then I make sure to enjoy every little moment with my family!
5. My mom's friend Debbie sent me some yummy recipes to try. This weekend I made a tortellini pasta salad for both a cookout and to bring to Sunday lunch. I kept the marinated olives in a side dish, cause I know some people don't like them, but they are seriously missing out! ;) Here's the recipe:

- 1 carton of fresh cheese tortellini (in the dairy section)

- bottle of italian dsg (I use low cal, low fat)

- olives (green, black and kalamata)

- jar of mild pepper slices

- sliced pepperoni

- grape tomatoes, cut up

- asiago cheese - cube up

Cook the tortellini and then drain and cool. Put tortellini, olives and tomatoes in plastic ziplock bag w/ a little italian dsg to coat. Put in refrig to marinate for about 1/2 hr. Cut up cheese, cut up the pepperoni. Add everything together.
6. The Cagwins visited the Mittens this past weekend, and we enjoyed a cookout with both of those families. I went to college with James, and I enjoyed getting to know his wife, Kelly, a little more. Izzy loved the extra attention from the Cagwins, too!

7. The weirdest thing--Justin and James got to talking and found out that they have the same exact jobs, just in different places! Both of them are electrical engineers by degree but are now in outside sales selling valves and controls. They even represent many of the same manufacturers.

8. I don't know if you can tell, but we took Clara's dress off cause she was so hot. With just a diaper on, she still was sooooo sweaty while Kel held her!
9. Izzy's been begging and begging to have her diaper taken off, so she can sit on her training potty. Last week, Izzy sat on her potty for 2 hours with a drink in hand and still DID NOT pee the whole time! She was so excited to watch a video and sit on the potty, but after two hours of having to sit there, she (and I) were tired of that... and it was nap time by then.
10. On Friday evening, we had a babysitter for Izzy and the three of us went out to eat with some friends at Bonefish Grill. I enjoyed a "date night" with my hubby. I never even held Clara at the restaurant, so it really was a relaxing time with friends and my wonderful hubby. While we were there, Arlene mentioned just letting Izzy run around outside without a diaper on to start potty training.
11. This morning, Clara, Izzy, and I spent 1.5 hours outside with no pee... BUT... I noticed Izzy was starting to poop, so I quick put her on the potty. When she stood up to look in the potty, she started crying and crying. I was trying to be so excited and give her chocolate, but she immediately ran over to a diaper and frantically tried to get the diaper on herself. It was so hysterical! I wish others could have seen the drama. Guess we'll try again soon...
12. Yesterday was Izzy's first Sunday to sit through the entire worship service at church. Usually, we keep her with us for the whole liturgy until just before the sermon, and then she goes to the nursery. We wouldn't have started training her through the entire service yet, but we were trying to avoid the nursery's sicknesses since Izzy had just gotten over being sick. I was proud of her to make it through the morning and evening sermons! We had to take her out a couple times, but she got herself back under control after those trips. ;)
13. Clara is waking once at night and not for a very long period of time the last few days... hoping it stays that way!

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