Wednesday, March 9, 2011

SIX weeks... or so!

Today I have six weeks until I'm due with our little boy! Of course, if I go past the due date, it'll be a little longer, but not too much past April 20. Maybe an Easter time baby?

You might get a kick out of these pics I took with my phone. The girls were playing doctor/midwife and doing just what they've watched during my appointments.

Clara's feeling Izzy's baby:

Izzy ran and got the soap (haha), because she watches Damaris put the gel on my belly before doing the doppler for the heart:
A flashlight makes a great stand-in doppler machine:
If you could hear Izzy, she's saying that she can hear the baby making some kicks on the doppler:
Isn't that too funny?! That's the first time I've seen them play THAT!

Soon enough we won't be just a family with two little girls.
They sure are fun!

Here they are in the grocery store getting ready to go get a couple things.

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