Monday, March 14, 2011

Gettin' ready for a boy!

Last week, I organized ALLLLLLLLLLLL the kids' clothes. Just three years of clothes for every season adds up to more big tubs of clothes than I coulda ever imagined. At least, every single age/season is now completely organized in one of our attic spaces. I felt quite accomplished. :) Our little boy has been very blessed by friends and family and has bins of clothes for his whole first year already!
Then I moved on to ridding the nursery of pink accents and Clara's clothes. It is now completely ready for our little guy, and the pink has been replaced with BLUE!
Little diapers sitting ready:

Thankfully, the nursery was already "neutral" with orange walls and a clown theme:

34weeeks... and he's turned to a normal position! YAY!
Growing out:

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