Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm SO HAPPY I saw Santa!

Justin worked most of this past weekend downtown. I went to a brunch Saturday morning, and then afterwards I picked the girls up from a friend's house. On our way home, I remembered the library was offering a free Santa visit. After cookies and juice, we waited in a long line ALL for Izzy. I was surprised when she remembered that a lady (elf) held her next to Santa last year while she cried. This year, she ran up to Santa and jumped into his arms! On the other hand, Clara screamed bloody murder... in the public library.

Izzy has NO idea who Santa is or anything about him, but she thinks he's "awesome." It's so funny, cause I haven't explained anything Santa to her, but sitting on his lap was a highlight of the day. She didn't know what he meant about bringing her gifts, but it didn't matter. As we were walking to the car, she said, "Mom, I'm SO HAPPY I saw Santa." I prefer to teach her about the real reason for Christmas at this point in her early years, as I'm sure there will be plenty of time to learn about other legends and traditions surrounding the 25th of December. ;)

Pictured above:
Not-so-happy with Mrs. Claus and Happy-as-can-be with Santa Claus
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