Friday, December 17, 2010

A 3 year old???

All week before Izzy's third birthday, I couldn't quite grasp that my oldest was going to be three. God has blessed me beyond measure with the family he's given me with Justin, Izzy, and Clara. I cannot, cannot, cannot imagine life without them, and every single day life just gets better with them. I can't wait to see what new thing she is going to say each day. I love to hear the sisters eating breakfast and saying "thank you" and "you're welcome" to each other. My heart warms when Izzy runs over to Clara with out-stretched lips and plants a wet one on Clara's head. Hearing Izzy reciting Catechism questions and answers on her own makes me happy. Listening to Izzy pray before our meal in Chick-fil-a loud enough for EVERYONE to hear brings a grin to my face. Hearing that I'm a "cool Mommy" is pretty cool itself. I really cannot believe that I have the life I live. To see my firstborn growing in the Lord each day is a great gift.
Justin is not usually home very much in the morning, but he was able to stay a little longer on Izzy's birthday to make us oatmeal and watch Izzy open a few small presents. Later, we were treated to lunch by our friends, the Surratts.

In the evening, we had our neighbors over for cupcakes and presents.

On Saturday morning, we cooked up a Dr. Seuss themed brunch party for Izzy.
Justin made green (scrambled) eggs:

And I made ham biscuits to go along with the green eggs and ham... we had a great spread of food. Izzy was so excited for her little party! She loved the pin-the-green-egg-on-the-ham-platter game. ;)
What a great time celebrating God's gift of life. I love my Izzy Eliya.

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