Monday, November 8, 2010

A boy to add to the mix!

3D ultrasound picture (kinda alien-ish) that is oh SO cool:

We found out we were having a girl when I was pregnant with Izzy. Then we waited till delivery to find out that our second baby was a girl. I loved doing what we did for each one. I was wanting to wait till the birth again this time around, but I'm glad that other things changed my mind. I have a feeling that if our third was a girl, I might have been a little less excited at birth, but who knows...

Anyhow, Izzy DAILY reminded us that she wanted the baby to be a boy like her cousin. Justin wanted a boy, too. At first I was fine with either boy or girl, but then I started thinking about boy babies, boy names, etc. For Izzy's sake, I decided I was okay with finding out the sex of our third. Right before the sonographer told us she saw boy parts, I was sooo tense. And then relief came! God did give our family our heart's desire. We couldn't be happier.

In this picture, I'm 16.5 weeks and due April 20, 2011:

Now we'll be putting all the pink and purple away in the attic as Clara outgrows her clothes! :)
I'm thankful that almost all our baby stuff, including the nursery, is neutral. After Christmas, we're going to figure out which room we'll put the girls in together and how to set it up. And then we'll have to figure something out with BOY clothes!!! Everything's so exciting!

ps. I don't take this lightly: The sonographers said that everything looked good to them on the u/s.
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