Saturday, August 22, 2009

The fruit of the womb is definitely a reward!

Here's a happy Daddy and his two little girls!

Izzy getting some special attention from Uncle "Jor"... He is the only person that has a name according to Izzy (other than her parents). She loves talking to "Jor" on her play cell phone. :)

Aunt Jennifer gave her Thursday to our family, and took Izzy on a ride in the stroller in our neighborhood while she ran for her daily exercise and also took her grocery shopping. Izzy's so used to getting out of the house most days of the week, so I know she enjoyed those little outtings.

We have enjoyed and appreciated the visits and meals this week from our church family, friends, and Justin's family. Last night, we went to the Jackson home (friends from church who live in our same neighborhood) for a delicious and very relaxing meal. Steve smoked ribs and chickens, and Dawn made some wonderful potatoes, corn bread, and mint sweet tea! It's so nice to not cook dinner for a little while after coming home from the hospital. A special thanks to Justin's mom for giving of her time to clean our whole house this week!!!!!!!!!!!

This coming week we look forward to a visit from my (Kelly's) parents to see their newest granddaughter! I'm sure I'll have some pics from their visit to post on here. :)

I had fun giving Clara her first sponge bath here at home. I'm trying to soak in all these precious little moments. With Izzy, I always wanted to see what she'd do next, and this time around I don't want Clara to change!!!

I told Justin in the hospital that I know I sound like a broken record telling him how much I enjoy this second baby. The first time is so exciting, but it's all so new. It's kinda like my first year teaching 5th grade--exciting but so new and full of inexperience. Then I started my second year, and although certainly not a pro, I had been through it once and had a better idea of how to go about everything with one year experience under my belt. That's how it is with Clara. I am more confident and relaxed, which makes mothering SO much more fun and rewarding!

Clara is growing right on track with 1 oz per day, so she was back up to 8 lbs early last week. This coming week, we go back for one more weight check to make sure she's still gaining. She is eating more and more each day, and she's putting a little more time in between feedings at night... which is nice for me! So far, Justin hasn't had to get up too many times at night to rock Clara to sleep--maybe just three times in the week that we've been home. That's so different from Izzy. She just wouldn't fall asleep for me and fussed at night or in the evenings for the first couple weeks before she slept through the night. I hope, for Justin's sake, that Clara keeps her pattern going, but we shall see!

Notice the beautiful flower basket we received from Justin's company while in the hospital--they have lasted us a long time!
Clara makes my heart swell. Izzy does, too, in different ways. I am loving watching Izzy's antics, her sillyness, her cognitive growth, and her love for this new baby that has all the sudden appeared. I am blessed beyond measure with a truly, truly wonderful husband and two precious daughters.

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  1. Kel...the girls are just adorable....we can't wait to come visit and meet Miss Clara. I was waiting to let all of your family visit but let me know what you are up to the first week of September and Carissa and I will stop by when Mason is at school one morning....hope you are doing well, looking forward to catching up!!!