Friday, September 16, 2011

Fam Vacation 2011!

We spent the beginning of September at Garden City Beach, just south of Myrtle Beach, SC. I love being with Justin and enjoying our kids together. Life is still busy with the kiddos on vacation, but being at the beach is such a fun way to end the summer before the structure of the school year!

One morning there was a storm at 6:30am, and Justin and the kids were out on their morning walk. (I was sleeping still. Hello, vacation.) Justin said he grabbed Clara in a football hold, Jack was in the backpack, and he had Izzy's hand in his trying to book it back to our condo. All three kids were giggling getting wet and running like crazy. Other than that day, we had great, sunny weather. We decided to go to the aquarium that day since the sand was blowing hard, even though the sun did come out.

The aquarium:

Justin had a class he had to go to online on Tuesday evening, so I took the kids on a beach walk that night:

We got to eat breakfast with Justin's grandma, Melissa:

Classic Clara--on the balcony nursing her baby:

Found the BEST restaurant after 4 years of going to Garden City. The Gulfstream has a wonderful deck overlooking the marina, and the food was out of this world! I had the best tilapia I've ever had, and Justin loved his tuna.

I figured you need to see what Clara did almost the whole time she was awake on the beach: EAT.
Jack really liked the sand and water when the waves would come up to our feet:

Last night in G.C.:

The last morning, Justin woke Izzy at 5:45am to go fishing off the pier before we packed up and left at 10am.
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