Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I haven't kept up with the blog recently. BABY on the mind! :) I'm due in one week!!! Thought the baby was coming last weekend, but all signs of labor have stopped, and now we're just hanging out. Without painful contractions every night, I have slept better, so I'm feeling kinda normal minus the large belly. The weather has been perfect, so we've been outside a lot on walks, taking picnic lunches, and climbing at this little rock park in the neighborhood. We've also enjoyed visiting Justin's sister, Jennifer, at her new house, which is JUST 10 minutes away. She, Calvin, and their son, Joel, are so happy to be in a wonderful home, and I'm enjoying seeing all the work they are accomplishing on it to make it "their own." I took Izzy for her first dental visit this morning, and I had my teeth cleaned, too. Clara sat on my lap on the dentist's chair the entire time! How cool is that? Well, at least my teeth will be clean for childbirth. haha. My wonderful friend, Naphtali, came over Saturday and helped me finish my cleaning list. THANK YOU!!! I'm guessing that the next update will announce the arrival of our #3! Izzy's anticipation makes me even more excited than I already am. I've gotta go pick the dogs up from the groomers now, serve dinner, and go to Bible Study. Adios!

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